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Water Damage Mitigation


Prevent Further Damage + Expenses With Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage can strike at any moment, and when it does, it’s essential to call in professionals that can provide you with prompt and reliable service. When it comes to the water damage restoration process, mitigation is the first step that needs to happen. Water mitigation — a key component of the restoration process that helps ensure that the road to recovery goes smoothly — prevents further water damage from affecting your property and belongings.

LCI Services is one of the trusted water damage mitigation companies in Gloucester and throughout Cape Ann, MA. Our water damage mitigation services are relied upon for various emergency situations, from a burst pipe and flooded basement to a leaking roof or a fault appliance, and more. Our experienced technicians have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle just about any water removal or emergency water clean-up issue. Contact us today to request prompt service.

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Prevents Further Damage

One of the most important objectives of water mitigation is preventing additional damage from occurring. To do this, the team at LCI Services responds to your service request quickly and begins working immediately. We start by ensuring the source that caused the damage is no longer of concern and that salvageable items are removed from the affected area. Once that is accomplished, we will continue with the mitigation process.


Reduced Costs

Water damage is not something you can plan for. When floors, walls, furnishings, and other belongings are damaged by water, the repair or replacement costs could put you in a tight spot financially. The time it takes for you to request water damage mitigation could be the difference of needing a few minor repairs to requiring a major renovation. If you call LCI quickly, we respond quickly to reduce overall cost of repair or damages.


Guaranteed Results

With water damage mitigation services from LCI Services, our years of experience and use of industry-leading equipment and mitigation methods guarantee effective results. Once the threat of further damage is neutralized, our team of technicians begin the process of cleaning and extracting the excess water. Once the water is no longer an issue, we use commercial-grade equipment to completely dry out the affected area of your home.


Our Water Damage Mitigation Process

If water damage becomes too severe it can negatively affect the structural integrity of a home. That is why the mitigation stage of the water damage restoration process is crucial. At LCI Services, we follow an extensive mitigation process to ensure that water and moisture damage is no longer a factor. While the specific nature of the damage will determine the mitigation plan, here is what you can expect our team to do once we arrive at your home.

  1. Inspect and assess the damage
  2. Remove water and moisture
  3. Clean and sanitize the affected area and items
  4. Implement structural drying
  5. Begin restoration planning

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Make LCI Services Your First Call When You Have Water Damage

Because water mitigation is the first and an important stage of the water damage restoration process, finding a company that you can trust is essential. At LCI Services, you can count on our experts whenever water damage strikes. We understand the urgency behind these situations, which is why we respond to service calls as soon as we are able. When you choose LCI, you can gain peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced team on your side that will help establish a path to recovery.

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Remember, when it comes to water damage, the last thing you want to do is wait. Rely on LCI Services to receive prompt and reliable service. You can rest assured the courteous and professional team will handle your water damage mitigation with care and skill. We understand how stressful this time can be for you and your family, which is why we offer start-to-finish support. Contact LCI Services to learn more.

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