Tile and Grout Cleaning in Cape Ann, MA

Tile and Grout Cleaning


As a homeowner, you want your bathrooms, kitchen, and other tiled areas to look their best! While mopping, scrubbing, and wiping down your tiled surfaces are great ways to ensure your tile looks good and stays clean on a regular basis, sometimes you need just a little more power to really restore that brand-new look and feel! That’s where LCI Services comes in to help! We offer in-depth tile and grout cleaning services for Cape Ann MA, so your kitchen, bathroom, and more look brand-new again!


Keep Your Kitchen Looking Sharp

Many popular designs in modern kitchens have a tiled backsplash featured. They look great, are easier to clean, and really add that extra pop of color or that nod to your favorite kinds of design. However, tiles in your kitchen are exposed to cooking messes, steam, smoke, grease, and so much more! Make sure your tiles are restored to their original beauty and are cleaner than ever before with our tile and grout cleaning service!

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Get Rid of Bathroom Tile Grime

Many bathrooms contain tiled showers, floors, backsplashes, and even countertops. With daily use, bathrooms tend to hold on to a lot of moisture, making them the perfect place for grime, mildew, and more to flourish. With tile and grout cleaning from LCI Services, we’ll help you make sure your tile and grout are beautifully clean and ready for daily use!


High-Quality Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

At LCI Services, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality home services from carpet cleaning to junk removal and so much more. With our tile and grout cleaning team, we’ll help to scrub clean your tiles, making them vibrant and beautiful once again while we ensure your grout no longer holds on to any latent dirt or grime particles that may have been building up over the years. With our professional team, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll leave your tiles and grout clean, protected, and ready for use!

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5 Reasons You Should Have Your Tile and Grout Professionally Cleaned with LCI Services:

1. Professionals are able to get deep down dirt

2. Keeps you healthier by preventing mold

3. Scrubbing by hand can be time consuming

4. Expert protective sealant prevents dirt and dust build-up

5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!

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