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Improve Safety With Reliable Snow Removal Services

Removing snow during winters is a dreadful but necessary task. Snow buildup not only impedes mobility, but may also cause serious injuries and accidents due to slipping and tripping. This is what makes effective snow management so important. Addressing snow and ice buildup in winter provides a safer environment for everyone.

Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your property with the help of snow removal experts at LCI Services. You can count on our experienced team to handle your snow removal needs in Cape Ann, MA. We will work with you to come up with the most effective plan to clear and control snow and ice buildup.

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Keep Up With Snow Buildup

Snow shoveling, driveway plowing, sanding, and salting roads are effective methods for snow removal best performed by our experts. The right approach to snow removal is unique to each property — it could range from deicing walkways to completing clearing out parking lots.

Every snow removal process begins with an initial evaluation and uses a combination of methods to complete the job on schedule. Cleaning parking spaces requires driveway plowing, while snow shoveling is more appropriate for areas close to the property. Sanding improves traction while salting melts the ice and increases friction. Knowing the location of obstacles and landscape minimizes the risk of damage to your property and improves operational efficiency.

Snow removal costs start at:

Shoveling - $65 per hour/per technician

Salting/Sanding - $125-$350 (based on size)

Driveway Plowing - $65.00 (for most driveways) – 2 cars wide by 60’ long, every ten feet beyond that add $25 for each ten feet

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Dependable Round-The-Clock Snow Plowing

Getting the job done right is a priority for snow removal pros at LCI Services. As a company that puts safety first, our team will work with you to find the right snow removal solutions within your budget. Get rid of dangerous and frustrating snow buildup without lifting a shovel.

Have peace of mind knowing that a capable crew is on standby 24/7 to address your snow removal needs. We have an experienced crew, sufficient training, and the right equipment to get the job done in no time. Stop worrying about snow buildups on your property, work with LCI experts today!

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Don’t let snow and ice damage your property and cause accidents. Work with our reliable providers to clear ice and snow from your property. If you’re constantly worrying about snow removal on your Cape Ann, MA property, get in touch with LCI Services.

We customize snow removal plans to help you keep up with snow removal throughout winter. Contact us to learn about our snow removal services, as well as junk removal, area rug cleaning, water damage mitigation, and other facility-related needs.

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