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Mosquito and Tick Spraying for Effective Pest Control

Mosquitoes and ticks are the top two culprits for ruining your lovely time outdoors. Aside from ruining your day or night out, these pests spread diseases. A single bite could cause harmful effects ranging from an annoying itch to a life-threatening infection for both humans and animals.

Keep pest populations under control on your property with the help of our experts at LCI Services. Mosquito and tick spraying can help you address your annoying pest problem. Whether you’re looking to knock down pests for a special event or you want lasting results, we are here to help you put an end to your mosquito or tick problem.

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Practical Strategies to Eliminate Mosquitoes and Ticks

Mosquitoes use standing water as breeding grounds which is why keeping them away from your property means eliminating containers and areas with standing water. If the mosquito population is already out of control, spraying is an option. The same method can eliminate ticks before they run wild on your property.

Mosquito and tick spraying allows you to take back control of your yard by killing both ticks and mosquitoes on contact. Spraying also repels annoying pests from moving into your yard. A single treatment can prevent bugs for a few weeks while repeated applications can keep them away for longer. Solving mosquito and tick problems allows you to enjoy outdoor time without worrying about insect bites and diseases.

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Professional Tick and Mosquito Spraying

Leave frustrating mosquito and tick problems to experts at LCI Services. You can rely on our team to identify target areas that serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes or places where ticks enter your property. Since each property is unique, we provide an initial assessment to create a treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Our crew will identify target areas to limit breeding and nesting grounds and effectively reduce the pest population on your property. Experts at LCI Services understand the right way to use products for warding off pests while minimizing risks to your yard, family, pets, and the neighborhood.

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When basic yard maintenance is not keeping ticks and mosquitoes at bay, call LCI Services. We provide mosquito and tick spraying services across Essex County, MA to minimize pest infestation. Our team will help you reclaim your yard, so you can enjoy time outdoors without worrying about mosquito or tick bites.

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