Why Choose LCI Services for Residential or Commercial Junk Removal in Essex County?

Why Choose LCI Services for Residential or Commercial Junk Removal in Essex County?

Are you tired of dealing with excess junk at your residential or commercial property? Do you wish you could find an easy, affordable way to get rid of it all? You need LCI Services! We’re proud to offer a range of home services in Essex County, including professional junk removal. Keep reading to learn why you should choose LCI Services to remove your junk, then reach out to us for a free quote!


We Remove All Types of Junk

Whether you’re decluttering your Gloucester office building or preparing for an upcoming move, you can rely on LCI Services to lend a hand. We can remove any type of non-hazardous junk from your property! All you have to do is let us know what you want to be removed, and we’ll have it gone in no time.


Our Disposal Practices Are Eco-Conscious

At LCI Services, we strive to remain eco-friendly in our work. Different types of junk often have their own disposal or recycling requirements, but you can always trust us to meet them. Thanks to our many years of experience and dedication to environmentally friendly practices, we can quickly identify how and where to dispose of or recycle your junk properly.


We Have the Training and Equipment

Removing your junk alone is a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Plus, lifting heavy items on your own could lead to injury. Fortunately, LCI Services has the equipment, manpower, and training to remove your junk safely and easily.


We Do All the Work for You

The best part about choosing LCI Services for your junk removal needs is that we make the process as convenient as possible! We understand that junk removal is a time-consuming task, but rest assured that our team will take care of every step for you. After you let us know what has to go, we’ll handle the loading, unloading, and proper disposal.

When you need commercial or residential junk removal in Essex County, you need LCI Services. Schedule your service with us today!