Signs You Have a Mosquito or Tick Problem

Signs You Have a Mosquito or Tick Problem

Have you noticed that there seem to be a lot of mosquitos in your yard all of a sudden? Maybe you have found some ticks on your animals recently. What many people do not know is that there are some very effective ways to manage mosquitos and ticks before they impact your family’s health and wellbeing. If you have a mosquito or tick treatment need in Essex County, you need to work with us at LCI Services to handle your problem!

tick laying on back with eggs on stomach

Tick Eggs on Windows and Doors

Even if you have not seen ticks themselves in your home or your business, you might have noticed that you are seeing their eggs on your doors or window sills. This is one of the first signs that you might have an infestation and it is usually followed up by the first tick that is found on a pet or a person. This level of problem requires an extermination to alleviate it.

dog getting tick removed from ear

Ticks on People and Pets

One of the most common ways to know that you have a problem with ticks is that you find them on your pets or on people who work or live with you. This is usually the first sign of an issue, particularly if you have not been out in brushy areas where it is more common to get a tick. Ticks that seem to be making their home in pets and people who are almost never outside can indicate that the issue is coming from indoors. Treat your tick problem and keep your family and pets safe!

mosquitos swarming around outdoor light

Mosquitos Swarming

Large clusters of mosquitos are almost always a sign of an issue that requires an exterminator. Having bites at the end of the day is another symptom but if you have a larger issue with these pests, you will be able to see clouds of them floating near lights or over standing water on your property. Our team can help treat those swarms on your property.

woman itching arm outdoors

High Buzzing Sounds

Mosquitos that you cannot see, but can hear, are a common symptom of an infestation. It takes a large number of these pests to make this much noise, so if you can readily hear them when you are standing outside or when a window is open, you need to consider having someone come to handle the infestation that your property is dealing with.

At LCI Services, we offer quality mosquito and tick treatment that will keep your business or your home from being infested with these pests. Your home or business cannot be truly safe and healthy for everyone who visits or spends time there without exterminating these invaders. If you are ready to deal with your mosquito or tick problems, contact us today!

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