Practical Strategies to Eliminate Mosquitoes and Ticks

Practical Strategies to Eliminate Mosquitoes and Ticks

Eliminating mosquitos and ticks requires the use of ongoing strategies that will make your home or business less interesting and less comfortable to them. Applying mosquito and tick treatment is a good idea, but you will also might need additional support to eliminate pests with some changes to your routines and your property management. At LCI Services, we can help you to get rid of your mosquitoes and ticks and keep them away!

mosquito on leaf

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes love standing water. They use this haven to breed and multiply and it is often the biggest factor that can cause consistent infestation. When you remove sources of standing water or make the water circulate, you can remove the breeding grounds that mosquitoes need to increase in number.

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Get Rid of Decaying Plant Matter

Mosquitoes also like to breed in the moisture that can be left behind by decaying plant matter such as leaves, grass clippings, and trailing vines. This is one of the most overlooked reasons for mosquito problems and getting rid of these issues can help improve your chances of keeping mosquitoes gone for good.

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Mow the Lawn

Mowing down tall grass and removing locations that have dry plant matter piled up can make a huge improvement in your war against ticks. Ticks need to have tall plants and brush to live in, so if you remove these items from your yard, you will have many fewer ticks. Keeping the yard tidy and mowed can be one of the best ways to keep ticks from coming back to your home or business.

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Eliminate Swathes of Shade

Ticks are also fans of large areas of shade. Exposing your property to some sun throughout the day can make ticks much less likely to take up permanent residence near your home or business. While shade is nice for humans, it might be too inviting for ticks. Eliminating areas that stay significantly shady all day long can make a big impact on getting ticks to move out.

If you have been struggling with ticks and mosquitoes, we can help! We at LCI Services know how to eliminate these pests and we can help you to set up a pest-free yard through some practical changes and considerations. Having a happy and healthy home or business depends on keeping invading pests at bay. If you need help managing pests, get a quote from us today for mosquito and tick treatment.

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